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Height increase and legs correction

ORTHOPEDIC COSMETOLOGY: height enhancement, legs and feet deformities correction

The Center of Anthropometrical (Orthopedic) Cosmetology and Correction offers a new technology in aesthetic surgery.


Our Center is both a research and health institution which gave rise to a new field of cosmetic surgery – orthopedic cosmetology. Today, it is the only institution on the world having a real experience in this field.   

The technology of cosmetic treatment of leg deformities is not a mere theory which needs a further practical support but a long-term practice and research resulted in a large experience in managing cosmetic defects at a fundamentally new level fully corresponding to the principles of cosmetology: a low degree of impairment, short period of treatment, preliminary modeling of the result, accuracy and symmetry of correction. It was possible to achieve only thanks to development and application of special means and techniques which provide the best management of the process.  

The technology in general may be divided into clinical, technical and program-diagnostic components, each having its peculiarities.  

The most important clinical aspect lied in preoperative prognosis based on our own classification of cosmetic defects of lower extremities and application of special prognostic criteria. The surgical technique is low-traumatic; it differs greatly from the conventional techniques and provides good conditions for reparative regeneration of the bone tissue in the postoperative period. A special surgical access minimizes postoperative scars. Direction of the needles also differs greatly. There are some peculiarities in postoperative period, activity and moving regime, load on the operated extremities in different stages of treatment, rate of deformity correction, etc.  

The technical component is presented by an external fixation apparatus and some other means. Our apparatus does not belong to any of the already known ones, but it was elaborated specially to meet our requirements which shaped in the process of a long-term practice. In our opinion, the apparatus answers its purpose and provides a low-traumatic osteosynthesis with accurate symmetric correction of both legs, being also convenient in all stages of treatment.      

An everyday practical work set the problem to quickly analyze and evaluate the state of extremities in terms of cosmetology prior to surgery and at the last stage of treatment, and, what is more important, in the process of treatment. To solve the problem special programs for computer diagnosis, planning and control over the process of cosmetic correction  have been developed and implemented. These programs areOsteokinesisandOrthocosmetic”. The “Ortocosmetic” program allows quick analysis of the cosmetic defect before treatment, as well as visualizing and planning different variants of possible outcomes of correction both on the first visit and during the process of correction. The “Osteokinesis” program makes possible rapidly calculate and plan the value of a required shift of the apparatus’ elements, the angle of correction, correction period depending on  a speed and regimen, as well as other important characteristics  in every single case. The possibility to analyze, plan and calculate visual, space and time parameters provide a high level of accuracy, predictability and visualization and hence, a successful treatment in general.  

This technology presented here is of interest as hundred and thousands of patients in many countries of the world need it. We are fully aware of demand for this kind of cosmetic service in Russia and we know that it is very high.  It may be explained quite simply: people want to have straight and beautiful legs. It refers to young people in the first line who suffer greatly from their cosmetic defect and may develop an inferiority complex. It is only surgical elimination of the defect that may help these people.

Correction of small axial deformities up to 15" is considered to be a cosmetic one, but it refers only to appearance, but correction of bow legs or knock-knees is a prevention of degenerative-dystrophic diseases of he joints by improving their biomechanical parameters. Besides, what makes this technology significant is a good cosmetic outcome within a relatively short period (5-6 weeks) and with the least injury of the bone.

Dealing with the problem we are getting more convinced in its significance and inevitable expansion of geography of orthopedic cosmetology.

Until now in our Center over 800 patients have been operated on for different cosmetic operations on the extremities, including 200 patients who have undergone leg correction.  

Our technology is based on the patented inventions in the field of orthopedics and cosmetology; there are photos of all the patients of our clinic which prove positive results of the treatment.  


The author of the technology is Mikhail F. Yegorov, MD, PhD, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Honorary Inventor of RF.