Hi! I’m Amelie.

I’d like to tell you my story.

I don’t think it makes sense to describe long years of my life full of complexes and what I was dreaming of:

I dreamed of putting on a mini dress and stroll along the street with head held high…

To wear high heels and skinny jeans …

To go to the seaside and  wear a bathing suit without being  ashamed of my legs…

If you are here reading my story I’m sure you know this.

The thought that one day I’ll be able to change long skirts and wide trousers for something more stylish and beautiful didn’t give me a moment’s peace.

From time to time I bought short skirts, tried them on at home and dreamed…. In the end I either threw them out as garbage or gave to my friends….

I couldn’t afford going out wearing a short skirt and couldn’t imagine how my dream may come true.

But one day I came across the web site

I spent a few days reading it and couldn’t believe my dream might come true in 55 days.

As if in a dream I looked at photos “before” and “after” and realized: I also want my photo to appear on this web site!

Now I’m in the town where my dream should at last come true!

My heart thumped and almost jumped out from excitement!

In “Da Vinci” clinic, the doctor told me in details what showed what would happen to my legs.

Dozens of questions which I wanted to ask were clarified to me.

And after I had seen happy patients walking along the corridor of the clinic, all my doubts and fears disappeared.

The day of surgery was appointed!

Before the surgery I was examined and did all necessary tests.

Now I’m lying on the operation table listening to music and the surgeon is working miracles with my legs!

After the surgery I had a few days to feel quite myself and then the most curious thing started.

This magic key which the doctor gave me, helped me to achieve my goal.

I was making my legs straight with my own hands turning the screws of my device little by little every day.

Of course the whole process was under the doctor’s control with an intermediate result modeling.

At first it seemed unreal but day by day my legs were getting stronger.

I was able not only to walk without crutches but also do exercises in the gym, climb stairs and walk about the town where my dream was coming true.

By the end of my stay in the clinic I hardly felt the device on my legs.

Fifty-five days flew by in the twinkling of an eye and the device was removed.

I couldn’t believe my eyes looking at my photos “before”.

As if we are two different people. I’m happy!

A few weeks of rehabilitation are ahead of me and ten quite a new life!

A new job which I dreamt of for a long time but couldn’t afford because of the dress code.

New friends and discos where I feel a queen!!!

My first trip to the seaside where I can enjoy the beach and the sea and don’t wrap myself shyly in a pareo!

Am I sorry about what I’ve done?

Not at all,

Of course I had doubts and fears, pain during correction, there were hard moments….

But now it’s all over and forgotten. Instead I have beautiful straight legs and the feeling of harmony, the feeling of confidence and the feeling of immense gratitude to the doctor in Volgograd – a magician who made my dream come true!

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