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Height increase: patient's report about the treatment

I arrived in Volgograd the 13. September 2005. I had of cause month before investigated where this operation could be done, what where the risks, how long would it take and so on. I contacted Dr. Barinov via mail and asked him, all the different questions I had, regarding the whole procedure. His answers always came fast and after about 2-3 weeks, I decide to do the operation. The day after my arrival in Volgograd, I had an appointment with Dr. Barinov. I discussed with Dr. Barinov and Dr. Shatov how many centimetres I wanted to achieve, and if I wanted to do both legs at a time or first do one leg and then the other. I decided after a few days, while they tested my body’s condition, that I would like to achieve 6 cm and that I wanted to do both legs, at the same time. If you do both legs the whole procedure is shorter, but it is harder to walk around, especially in the beginning. You can also achieve greater length if you do one leg at a time.
Height increase patient 
I went on the operation table 4 days after I arrived in Volgograd and everything went perfect. I woke up a few hours after the operation and had thereby begun my long journey that would last 6 month and 3 weeks. I was doing fine and was in a good mood. I had of cause pain in my legs, but it was bearable. The following days the pain decreased and on the third day, I could go to the toilet by my self. I did hurt a lot to walk, but it was nice to go to the bathroom and walk again. After precise a week, I start lengthening my legs by stretching it 1 mm per day. This is done by screwing 4 screws on each leg-frame 4 times a day. The first month went very quickly, and I walked every day. It was of cause hard to walk, but it slowly became more and more comfortable. During the stretching period I had a hard time sleeping, so therefore I got and injection every night to keep the pain away. But after about 1.5 month I came down with a terrible stomach disease. This was properly caused by the many injections and the different food compared to my home country. The stomach disease completely took away my energy and my mood felled drastic. It took my almost a month to get over the stomach disease and by the time, I was feeling my good old self, I was done screwing. I screwed for 2.5 month in total and stopped the 1. December 2005. The screwing period was a hard time with out a doubt, but 10 days after fixation the pain had decreased so much, that I could sleep and walk with a smile. The pain decreased every day during the fixation period and around New Year the pain was practically gone. I lay down my crutches about 1.5 month after fixation, and now felt so good, that I could take the bus to Volgograd centre. The 5. Of April Dr. Barinov and Dr. Shatov took of my last leg-frame and was once again a free man, but 6 cm higher. My legs were strong and I had absolutely no trouble of walking as a normal person.
Now my journey here is over and before I end this letter I most say that everybody, from Dr. Barinov and Dr. Shatov to all the nurses and doctors, worked extremely professional and was always very kind to me. I therefore highly recommend Dr. Barinov and Dr. Shatov if you are considering doing height lengthening.

The best regards

Mr. Grateful